There's a good chance your vacation plans have you landing at the Orlando International Airport so that's where you'll be picking your auto rental from. It's important that you know all your Walt Disney World car rental options.

After that flight your family is filled with anticipation and your vacation should start the minute your plane touches down. You don't want to be messing around with your luggage or having to fill out paper work for your car rental, you just want to start enjoying your vacation.

If you are staying at a Disney Resort hotel you can take advantage of Disney's Magical Express Service which means you get a no hassle baggage claim and you do all your rental paper work before you ever arrive. That means your going to be start your vacation that much sooner.

When you book your vacation package with your travel agent they should automatically include this auto rental bonus. If you are booking online you'll save a bundle and you can add it yourself to your booking. This program may be cancelled at any time but while it is running it's certainly a nice little perk.

There are several different Walt Disney car rental options and several things to consider before making your reservations. An auto rental is done on a daily or weekly basis and occasionally on a monthly basis although it's not likely you'll be vacationing for a month. The weekly rate usually saves you about a day and a half in rental fees. Advertised rates are generally for a subcompact model and the bigger the car the bigger the rental.

When you are making your Walt Disney World car rental make sure you ask about any discounts. Memberships such as with AAA or Frequent Flyer Clubs can get you a discount. Different organizations have different discount rates so you'll need to ask. Some employers also have a company discount available that they let staff use.

Auto rental agencies tend to simplify their car definition yet quality does differ. For example a Plymouth Acclaim with power everything is considered a full size 4 door but a national car rental agency might give you a LeBaron at a full size 4 door and although both cars are the same in size the LeBaron is far superior in quality and comfort. A small company might give you an acclaim with no power options.

Car rentals in Florida have a 6% sales tax and a soak the tourist tax of $2.05 a day. If the company you rent your car from does not have a counter in the airport terminal building but provides a shuttle you will have to pay an airport access fee which is equal to 8.64% of the rental fee no matter how long you use the car. If you rent from a car rental agency that is in the terminal you'll pay an additional 10% fee on the rental which is charged by the Airport Authority. You see they get you coming and going.

But what's really important is that things are simple. You get off the plane, pick up your Walt Disney World car rental and head on over to the hotel to check in. Now you are ready to enjoy that magic of Disney World.

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